Monday, April 16, 2012

BEAUTY: Bath & Body Works, Rue21, CCO, Maurice's & Bare Escentuals Haul

I have been waiting for this trip to the outlet mall for months and I couldn't be happier with the deals that I got! While I did get quite a few clothing items, I decided to only post accessories and beauty products, as clothing is hard to photograph well. I am going to list original prices, along with what I paid so that you guys are able to see what truly awesome deals I got! That being said, let's jump right in!

Bath & Body Works

I went into Bath & Body Works with the intention of only buying "Sweet Pea" body mist. Now somebody please help me understand how I left the store with all of this, and no "Sweet Pea" body mist?! [I don't know if it's the blonde hair or the Polish heritage sometimes! Goodness.] However, as you can see, I did get two body mists--one in "Sea Island Cotton" and one in 'Pomegranate Citrus".  I prefer body mists to perfumes because they tend to have lighter smell, and they're often more affordable. These body mists originally retail for $12.50 each and I paid $3.00 for the "Sea Island Cotton," and $3.12 for the "Pomegranate Citrus." 

Also at Bath and Body Works, I picked up a shower gel in "Charmed Life." I've seen this scent at my local B&BW but never took the time to smell it. When I found it at the outlet in the 75% off bin, I decided to give it a try. It smells so great! The original price on this shower gel was $10.50 and I paid $2.62.

Sweet Pea is my favorite Bath and Body Works scent so I was super excited to find these pint sized body butters! They are the perfect size to toss in your purse or makeup bag, and even for traveling! The original price on these body butters was $6.00 and I got them both for $3.00 [$1.50 each!].

 The last thing I picked up at Bath and Body Works was this pink loofah. I was glad to find it because my loofah just fell apart and I needed a new one. Also, this shade of pink is so bright and fun! The original price on this loofah was $5.00 but I only paid $.99!


I haven't shopped at Rue21 since I was in high school. As far as I know, there isn't one close to where I live and a lot of the clothes that they sell are a bit young for me. [That makes it sound like I'm so old! I'll be 22 in May.] Anyhow, I'm glad we wandered in because I found the most ADORABLE sunglasses ever! They are technicolor cheetah print. Oh my goodness! If you know me, you know I have a rule about buying sunglasses. I will only buy sunglasses from the Dollar Tree because I am such an accident prone person. My sunglasses always get lost or broken, or both! So I quit buying expensive lens and have been opting for a $1 pair for years. That way, when I loose or break them I won't be so upset about it! This is the first time in years that I have broken that rule! I couldn't resist. While these weren't on sale, they were still a great deal at only $5.99.

Also from Rue 21, I picked up a new perfume! When we walking into the store we were given a sample of their new perfume "Etc!" I loved the scent so much that I just had to have it! It's such a light and fruity scent--perfect for Spring and Summer. Again, this item was not on sale but I only paid $9.99.


I have to admit, out of all of the stores at the outlet mall, I was the most excited to go to the CCO! I have never been, as this is the first CCO within driving distance of where I live. Because I have just started my makeup collection, I didn't have any high end items before this trip. I ended up leaving with all MAC products, though I was definitely tempted by Bobbi Brown & Clinique. ;) Here's a look at what I got!

The first item I got from the CCO was a Mineralized Blush in "Sakura" by MAC. It is from their Quite Cute line and is limited edition so I was really excited to find it. It is a gorgeous lavender color with cool undertones. I also love the heart detail, which is a dark pink color. When mixed together, you get a medium magenta pink color. Absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE it! This blush retails for $23.00 and I picked it up for $16.25.

 The next item I picked up was also from MAC and it is the Cremesheen Lipglass in "Geo Pink." When you look at it in the tube, it comes off as a coral or orange color but when it's on your lips, it's more pink. This lipglass retails for $18.50 but I lost my receipt so I'm not entirely sure what I paid for it. I want to say around $13.00? [Sorry about that!]

 The last couple of items I picked up at the CCO were MAC Metal Eyeshadows. I picked out "Peek At You," and "Prance." They are both in the neutral family, though they do both have a lot of shimmer. "Peek At You" is a light gold color with a metallic finish. "Prance" is more of a mauve color and would work well as a highlighter. They are both very silky and pigmented. They blend nicely. I would definitely repurchase these. They retail for $19.50 each and I paid $13.75 a piece.


The majority of the clothing I got on this trip was from Maurice's. The Maurice's in my area is pretty pricey but every time I go to the outlet, I get incredible deals and the staff is insanely helpful. It is one of my all-time favorite stores. If you don't have a Maurice's where you live, check out their website here

All of the accessories I got were 75% off,  including this adorable purse! As you can see, it's brown all over with really cute detailing on the outside pockets. The inside is lined with black. It has two separate main compartments for superb organization, as well as side pockets and a zipper pocket. While I don't typically care for tassels, I couldn't pass up this deal! The original price of this purse was $42 but I only paid $2.75!! Like I said, the purse was on sale for 75% off but they also let us stack two coupons on top of the sale. HOLYMOTHEROFGREATDEALS.

Also from Maurice's, I picked up this cute Accessory Travel Kit. I thought it would be really great for traveling with makeup. I have used it several times for overnighters since I got it, and it works perfectly. I'm able to fit everything I need, and then some, in this bag. It was originally $15.00, but was on sale for $4.99 and then an additional 75% off, plus our coupons...making it $0.75!! Unbelievable.

The last couple of items I picked up at Maurice's were these winter accessories. I was drawn to them because of the color and fabric. They are both so, so soft. I prefer mittens to gloves and headbands to ear muffs, so these were a great find. They were both originally $12.00, but were on sale for $4.99 each and then an additional 75% off, plus coupons, making them $0.75 each! I know Summer is coming, but for the price, I'll gladly store them until next Winter! 

Bare Escentuals  

I absolutely love Bare Escentuals. They were the first makeup brand that I started wearing when I was younger, and I've found that I much prefer the mineral feel over traditional liquid makeup. While the line can be a bit expensive [compared to drugstore brands], I find that it is entirely worth it. We just recently got a Bare Essentials store in our area, but the best deals can be found at the outlet mall, especially for kits, which is exactly what I got!

The first kit I got was the Champagne Toast Blendable Lip Collection. It came with a lipliner in "So Natural," a lipgloss in "Whimsy," and a lipstick in "Cat's Meow." I really like the idea behind these kits. They pair 3 lip products that will create a specific look but you have the ability to blend the colors to create multiple shades. This kit retails for $9.50 but I picked it up for $6.50.

The second kit I got was the Naturally Luminous Refreshing Color Collection. It came with a lipgloss in "Smoothie," a Big & Bright eyeliner in "Charbronze," a blush in "Miracle," a concealer brush and two eyeshadows in "Refresh" and "Restore." Finding this kit was kind of like hitting the jackpot for me because there were so many products in it that I either love, or was wanting to try. I adore the Bare Minerals lipglosses, so I was really happy to get a new shade to try. I've had been wanting to try their blushes, but hadn't gotten around to picking one up. Also, I have been wanting to try their eyeliners. I have blue eyes and they say that brown eyeliner compliments blue eyes the best, so this kit was really a great fit for me.   

I do apologize that it took me so long to post this. I know you guys have been waiting for it since I mentioned it last. I hope that you enjoyed this haul. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! Also, I opted to not do swatches because there are so many products here. However, if you want anything swatched, just let me know and I'd be happy to do it!  


  1. Great post- I can't believe you got a purse for less than three dollars- that's ridiculous! And the deals on the MAC stuff are making me jealous!

  2. Hi!

    I awarded you the Liebster award. Check my blog for details.

  3. Super jealous of all the sweet deals!! Especially the MAC deals! Wow!!

    I grew up by an outlet mall in Grove City, PA, and since I moved an hour-plus-some-change away, I only get up there a couple times a year. There's an Aerie outlet where I once spent 50 dollars for 12 pairs of underwear, 2 bras, a hoodie and pj pants. All super comfy, super awesome, and super cheap. I love Outlet Malls!!!

    Anyways, I found your blog through The Management's blog, a Prince and Prozac, and will be following you :-)

  4. WOW!!! I am totally impressed... Charmed life is what I am using now :)